NERFU Teams Shine in the 2024 Atlantic Super Regional Semi-Final

Round one of the 2024 Atlantic Super Regional Club XV’s Semifinal (ASR) witnessed standout performances from teams representing NERFU (New England Rugby Football Union), with Charles River Rugby, Seacoast Rugby, and Boston Irish Wolfhounds excelling and further solidifying the strength of rugby in New England. They join Mystic River Rugby in advancing to Round Two of the ASR to be held at Alapocus Run State Park, in Wilmington, Delaware on May 4th.

Charles River delivered an exceptional display of skill and teamwork throughout the season. Their strategic gameplay and relentless pursuit of excellence led them to dominate their matches, making a significant mark on the championships and setting high standards for the competition.

Seacoast’s contribution was equally impressive. Their matches were a showcase of robust defense and dynamic attacking strategies, captivating spectators and reinforcing their reputation as a formidable force in regional rugby.

The Boston Irish Wolfhounds demonstrated why they are one of the most respected and feared teams in the league. Their performance was characterized by aggressive play and strategic brilliance, earning them crucial victories and immense respect from their competitors and fans alike.

While NERFU teams were lighting up the scoreboard, other notable matches in the tournament included Severn River’s strong performance over New Haven with a score of 43-8 and Union County Lady Mudturtles narrowly edging out Frederick 29-24. Additionally, Northern Virginia (NOVA) claimed a significant victory against Schuylkill River, 43-24, while New York Rugby Club (NYRC) and New York Old Blue also secured wins in their respective matches.

The Rockaway vs. Frederick game was tightly contested, ending with Rockaway pulling ahead to a 36-29 victory, demonstrating the depth and competitiveness present in this year’s championships.

NERFU congratulates all teams, including NERFU teams Albany Knickerbockers, Boston Rugby, Boston Irish Wolfhounds, Charles River Rugby, Providence Rugby, and Seacoast Rugby  for their sportsmanship and the high level of competition displayed throughout the tournament. The performances of all member teams have made us incredibly proud and are a testament to the strength and quality of rugby in New England.

Women’s Division 1 and 2 winners and men’s Division 1, 2, and 3 winners on May 4th will qualify to compete in the XV’s senior club national championships ‘final four’ at Round Rock Multipurpose Complex in Round Rock, Texas, May 17-19.


Atlantic Super Regional women’s semifinal results

Division 1 semifinal – Frederick, MD: Northern Virginia (NOVA) 81 – Providence 14

Division 1 semifinal – Canton, MA: Philadelphia 39 – Boston 14

Division 2 semifinal – Severna Park, MD: Severn River 43 – New Haven 8

Division 2 semifinal – Canton, MA: Phoenixville Whitehorse 48 – Albany Knickerbockers 10

Division 3 semifinal – Frederick, MD: Union County Lady Mudturtles 29 – Frederick 24

Division 3 semifinal – Marshfield, MA: North Bay 45 – South Shore 5


Atlantic Super Regional men’s semifinal results

Division 1 semifinal/Mid-Atlantic Conference final – Philadelphia, PA: Northern Virginia (NOVA) 43 – Schuylkill River 24

Division 2 semifinal – Canton, MA: Boston Irish Wolfhounds 41 – Old Gaelic 11

Division 2 semifinal – Fredericksburg, VA: New York Rugby Club (NYRC) 37 – Rappahannock Golden Boars 12

Division 3 semifinal – Newark, DE: New York Old Blue 31 – North Bay 27

Division 3 semifinal – North Hampton, NH: Charles River 34 – Lehigh Valley Hooligans 12

Division 4 semifinal – North Hampton, NH: Seacoast 36 – Happy Valley Barbarians 27

Division 4 semifinal – Frederick, MD: Rockaway 36 – Frederick 29


Atlantic Super Regional Final Match-Ups, Saturday, May 4th, 2024:

Women’s Division 1 final: NOVA vs. Philadelphia

Women’s Division 2 final: Severn River vs. Phoenixville

Women’s Division 3 final: Union County vs. North Bay

Men’s Division 1 final: NOVA vs. Mystic River

Men’s Division 2 final: Boston Irish Wolfhounds vs. New York Rugby Club

Men’s Division 3 final: New York Old Blue vs. Charles River

Men’s Division 4 final: Seacoast vs. Rockaway