NERFU Champions Set for Atlantic Super Regionals

Canton, MA – NERFU is delighted to announce the winners of the 2023-24 Season Championship Weekend. The thrilling contests have determined the champions who will advance to the Atlantic Super Regionals in Eastern Pennsylvania on April 20.

In a display of exceptional rugby, both Women’s and Men’s Division 3 nail-biting finals finished with the South Shore Sirens toppling Amoskeag Rugby with a 25-21 victory and Charles River Rugby clinching the Men’s title  against the Boston Irish Wolfhounds 2nd XV, with a close score of 24-22.

The Albany Knickerbockers emerged victorious over the Worcester Shamrocks in the Women’s Division 2 final, securing their win with a score of 31-12. In the Men’s Division 2, the Boston Irish Wolfhounds 1st XV won their second title matched against Portland Rugby, defeating their perennial opponent 29-15.

These teams will join Boston Women’s Rugby and Seacoast Rugby, the earlier qualifiers from Women’s Division 1 and Men’s Division 4, representing NERFU at the Atlantic Super Regionals. This upcoming event promises to highlight the skill and competitive spirit of our teams on a larger stage. NERFU hosts round 1 of the Regionals April 20. Winners go on to Round 2, hosted in Pennsylvania. Winners of the Super Regionals will advance to the Club Rugby National Championships on May 17-19, 2024 outside Austin, Texas.

NERFU congratulates all participating teams for their hard work and sportsmanship throughout the championship. We extend our best wishes to the winners as they prepare to compete at the Super Regionals. Fans and supporters are encouraged to follow the action and cheer for their favorite teams as they pursue greater heights in Eastern Pennsylvania.

A correction was made on April 18, 2024: An earlier version of this article misstated the score between the South Shore Sirens and Amoskeag Rugby as being 25-0 instead of the real score of 25-21. The author pulled the latest scores from Rugby Xplorer as of the publishing of this article. This has been corrected both here and on Rugby Xplorer.