Annual General Meeting

March 21, 2021 - Online

This year, the NERFU Members’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) is going virtual to allow rugby administrators, coaches, and players from all across our region to safely and conveniently attend from home. You will hear from the NERFU Executive Committee and staff important updates about the Union, elect new officers, network with other clubs, and deliberate on important issues in the sport of rugby within New England.

Important dates:

  • February 28: Deadline for submission of Agenda items, email to
  • March 11: Deadline for submission of nominations for NERFU leadership positions, email to
  • March 21: AGM 2021 – Online


10:00 AM – Roll Call

10:15 AM – President’s Address

10:30 AM – Treasurer’s Report

10:40 AM – NERRS Statement

10:50 AM – By-Laws Discussion & Approval

11:10 AM – Elections

12:00 PM – Adjourn

Treasurer’s Report

Proposed By-Law Amendments

The Executive Committee has consolidated amendments from prior AGMS and incorporated them into this draft of the By-Laws. Changes made in this version do not reflect any policy changes, but simply incorporate previously approved amendments and clean up typographical errors.

NERFU_Bylaws_Consolidated_2020 (word)

The Executive Committee is also proposing several changes to the by-laws, many of which are clarifying language improvements, changes to division director positions that reflect current practices, and additional positions per above.

NERFU_Bylaws_2021Edits (word)


The following positions are up for election. Several new positions are being proposed for which nominations are being accepted as well.

  • Treasurer
  • Executive Director of Colleges
    (Nominated: Ed McKenna, Head Coach of Colby-Sawyer Women’s Rugby)
  • Executive Director of Sevens
    (Nominated: Brian Frampton, President of Upper Valley Rugby and NERFU College Developmental Director)
  • Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion (new – proposed)
    (Nominated: Yeja Dunn, USA Rugby’s Club Council DE&I Chairperson)
  • Director: Training & Development (new – proposed, 1 year start)
    (Nominated: Joe Sanchez, USAR Training and Development Committee Coach Development Chair)
  • Director: Club 7s (new – proposed)
    (Nominated: Jon Feldman, Mystic Rugby)
  • Director: College 7s (new – proposed, 1 year start)
    (Nominated: John Slefinger, Amoskeag Rugby)
  • Director: College Men – Challenge Cup
    (Nominated: Dale Russell, current Executive Director of Colleges)
  • Director: College Men – Developmental
  • Director: Club Women D2/3
    (Nominated: Nikki Plumpton, NERFU Director of Women Division 1)
  • Director: Club Men D1/2* 
    (Nominated: Nicholas St. Germain, NERFU Director of Men Division 2)
  • Director: Club Men D3
    (Nominated: Zach Boswell, NERFU Director of Men Division 3)
  • Director: Club Men D4
    (Nominated: Ely Thayer, current NERFU Director of Men Division 4)


No other nominations were received by the March 14 deadline, so nominations must be taken from the floor at the AGM on March 21.

Details on new roles:

Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion
NERFU values diversity and endeavors to enshrine that value at the highest level of leadership. The Executive Committee will propose a by-law amendment seeking to create this new position and is accepting nominations for the first term (2 years).

Director of Training & Development
NERFU seeks to expand its efforts in training and development for its membership across a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge both on and off the field. The proposed director will lead this endeavor. Regular term length will be two years, but for continuity of operations this role will be staggered, and the first term will only be one year.

Directors of Club and College 7s
As 7s Rugby continues to grow in popularity, NERFU wishes to create two new roles dedicated to supporting Adult and College clubs regarding this variant of our sport. These directors will work closely with the Executive Director of 7s in expanding 7s rugby opportunities for NERFU members. Again, terms will normally be two years, but in order to maintain continuity of operations between elections, terms will be staggered and the first term of the Director of College 7s will only be one year.

*Director of Club Men’s Divisions 1 and 2 – merged
Not a new position, per se, but due to there being only one club in Division 1, NERFU leadership proposes the merging of both directors of Division 1 and Division 2 for Adult Men.

About the AGM

NERFU is ultimately governed by its members composed of amateur senior (adult) and college rugby clubs throughout New England and parts of New York. Every year, members gather together to network, elect officers, and attend to the governance of the union.

Each member club is entitled to one vote. The Union Bylaws dictate a standing minimum agenda:

  • President’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Election of officers and directors to the Management Committee
  • Scheduling issues for the upcoming year
  • Any new business

Executive Committee members serve two year staggered terms. The following positions are elected on even years:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Executive Director of Senior Clubs

The following positions are elected on odd years:

  • Treasurer
  • Executive Director of Colleges
  • Executive Director of Sevens

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