COVID-19 Update on Return to Play Status: 7/15/2020

As promised, we are going to bring you through a quick rundown on what is going on and the do’s and don’ts in regards to returning to rugby in New England! 

At this time, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York State, Rhode Island and Vermont have categorized rugby as a “high-risk” sport due to all the inevitable contact involved. For all states, rugby is in the last tier of sports allowed to return to play in it’s true form.

What can’t we do?

  • Exceed groups of 25 people (groups of 50 in RI and ME)
  • Share equipment, water bottles, other personal items (In RI you may share equipment amongst “controlled” groups and must sanitize before sharing with another group)
  • Engage in activities with contact.
  • Come out to practice if you are not feeling well.

Well then, what can we do?

  • No to low contact activities where everyone has their own equipment, if applicable, such as:
    • Strength & Conditioning 
    • Agility drills 
    • Walk-through set plays and back line plays
    • Kicking Drills
    • Ball handling drills
    • Skill building drills 
  • Practice Social Distancing 
  • Wear a mask when appropriate (when 6ft cannot be maintained)
  • Keep practice groups small. 

It is most important during this time that we are all personally responsible for ourselves. Stay home if you feel sick. Bring your own mask, hand sanitizer, water, ball and tee if applicable. Use trash receptacles for your gum or have a trash bag to clean up anything that may leave behind bodily fluid. Make a schedule, keep the same people together, take attendance. You’ll want to be able trace an outbreak if it happens and follow your state guidelines for those affected. Rugby should be fun, but above all, safe. 

Your insurance through USAR is active, given you adhere to all terms in the RTP Guidelines. You can apply for a COI for your field/pitch but you will only be covered if your club is complying with your local state COVID regulations. Please refer to USAR’s Return to Play Guidelines: 

Any questions should be directed to your assigned State COVID Coordinator or NERFU Board.