Spring Club Setup/Registration

Spring is here and clubs throughout New England are finding ways to get back to the pitch and play some rugby – in some form or another. For most, this means getting back into compliance with USAR to at least make sure that important insurance is in place.

Last year USAR began its partnership with Sportlomo to create a new competition management system. Its rollout has been complicated by USAR’s bankruptcy, union negotiations, the split with National Collegiate Rugby, and the ongoing pandemic, among other things.

That said, senior clubs have to re-register with USAR. Club administrators should follow these steps to get setup for the season:

  1. Email admin@nerfu.rugby and request your login credentials. Emails should come from a contact listed at www.nerfu.rugby/adult in order to safeguard private information contained in your Sportlomo account.
  2. Login to: https://usarugby.sportsmanager.ie/maint.php
  3. Under “Events,” select “Purchase Events” 
  4. Select “Buy,” and then Continue (this will show as a $0 fee)
  5. Enter in your information, and select Save
  6. Enter in the quantities for each team you are registering ($50/team, plus any applicable SGB/Union fees) and select Calculate Cost 
  7. Enter in your teams name, and select Save
  8. Complete your billing details, and select Save