NCR Creates New Fall Postseason Competition

Update: Registration deadline for the Northeast regional tournament is Thursday, November 4. The event will be held on Sunday, November 14.


National Collegiate Rugby (NCR) announced the Best of all the Rest (BOAR) Collegiate Rugby Challenge to commence in the Fall of 2021. The BOAR Challenge will be open to non-playoff teams and run in parallel with the Fall Championship playoffs.

This new competition structure enables more men’s and women’s teams to participate in post-season matches regardless of their in-season record or level of competitiveness. NCR will not charge an additional tournament fee.

“As a former coach, I know it can be tough to keep your team engaged when you’re having a rough season. The BOAR Challenge is designed to keep players engaged regardless of their win-loss record by providing competition opportunities late in the year.” says Jeremy Treece, NCR CEO.

The BOAR Challenge will be hosted at a regional level with an anticipated 15 or more teams per region. Competition structures will be flexible to accommodate teams of all skill levels and ensure each team faces meaningful competition and has fun.

The NCR team has begun the initial planning and will continue to partner with senior men’s and women’s teams, as well as Local Referee Organizations, to host the event.

Jeremy added. “All NCR members deserve a well-run postseason event even if they are not the best team in their conference. BOAR is another way that we can deliver strong value to our member clubs.”

NCR anticipates strong demand and some field space limitations. Clubs or LROs interested in being involved in the BOAR Collegiate Rugby Challenge should contact Men’s Director Steve Hiatt at, Women’s Director Angela Smarto at, or Referee Director Dave Haines for more information.