Three NE Free Jacks Regional Training Groups in August

There are still three more New England Free Jacks Regional Training Groups scheduled in August. The full schedule is available at the Free Jacks website.

The Free Jacks Academy includes 13 Regional Training Groups (RTGs) to better connect athletes and coaches at the local level through a series of tracking days, clinics, 365 virtual skill and fitness programming, and identification opportunities to play into the Junior Jacks Academy squads or the Independents Senior Development squads.

Free Jacks Regional Training Group tracking days aim to:

  • To provide Learn To Play opportunities across New England (Youth)
  • To provide developmental opportunities for High School, Collegiate and Club athletes as well as coaches, administrators, referees and volunteers.
  • To provide an initial identification opportunity for selection to the Junior Jacks and Independents (boys and girls, men and women programs).
  • To connect and collaborate with existing rugby infrastructure (clubs, school, state-based organizations) to deliver on its mission of enhancing the rugby experience for those that currently play and to also increase the number of participants in the game.