Nor’Easters Show Remarkable Grit in Debut Match as Canadian Classics Claim Victory 25-20

In a thrilling clash that marked their debut on the rugby field, the Nor’Easters, a select side comprising players from various New England Rugby Football Union member clubs, faced off against the formidable Canadian Classics. Despite a hard-fought battle, the Nor’Easters ultimately fell short, with a final score of 25-20 in favor of the Canadian Classics. However, their performance left spectators in awe, showcasing their immense potential and setting the stage for an exciting future.

The match was the first in a series of four. The first two played by men from both Canada and New England on Saturday, July 8. Nor’Easters and Canadian Classics women play two more matches on July 15, 2023.

From the opening whistle, it was evident that the Nor’Easters were determined to make their mark. The team displayed an impressive level of cohesion, despite being comprised of players who had never competed together before. Their seamless coordination and well-executed plays posed a significant challenge for the Canadian Classics, who were pushed to their limits throughout the match.

Throughout the game, the Nor’Easters exhibited an unwavering spirit, refusing to back down in the face of a seasoned opponent. Their relentless pursuit of victory led to thrilling moments of attacking brilliance, with players showcasing their individual skills and creating opportunities to breach the Canadian Classics’ defense.

While the final result may not have favored the Nor’Easters, their valiant efforts did not go unnoticed. Fans and experts alike praised their tenacity and commendable teamwork, recognizing the potential they hold for future encounters. This debut match served as a solid foundation for the Nor’Easters to build upon, providing valuable experience and invaluable lessons for their journey ahead.

As the dust settled on the field, both teams shared a mutual respect, acknowledging the exceptional performance of the Nor’Easters. Their impressive debut sent a clear message to the rugby community, signaling the emergence of a force to be reckoned with. With further practice and experience under their belts, the Nor’Easters are poised to make waves in the rugby world, promising exciting matches and inspiring moments in the seasons to come.

About the NERFU Nor’Easters

Starting with this summer series of matches against the Classics, and continuing into the foreseeable future, the NERFU Nor’Easters will be an invitational team akin to the British and Irish Lions or the Barbarians and composed of elite players selected from amateur New England clubs. The hopes of the board are to create a new tradition in New England and expand exciting and unique playing opportunities for our members including possibly national and international tours.

About the Canadian Classics

Canadian Classics Rugby is a non-profit organization formed in 1995 by Canadian International Tom Woods to connect and build friendships throughout the global rugby community. Today the Classics not only seek to reunite Canada’s former representatives, but also to supplement them with top provincial, regional, and club players to form outstanding invitational touring sides.