New England Free Jacks Win Their First MLR Championship

Le Roux Malan scored the winning try in the 77th minute. Photo Credit: HUDSON via The Boston Globe

The New England Free Jacks achieved an extraordinary feat by capturing their inaugural Major League Rugby (MLR) championship title. The team’s historic victory marks a significant milestone in the franchise’s history and underscores their exceptional performance throughout the season. Led by dedicated players and a committed coaching staff, the Free Jacks showcased their unwavering determination and skill.

In the championship match, the Free Jacks demonstrated their prowess against a formidable opponent, leaving a lasting impression with their stellar performance. Key moments and standout players contributed to the team’s triumph, highlighting their talent and resilience.

Free Jacks general manager Tom Kindley hoped the impressive win will “shift the needle” to bring rugby the attention the sport and the six-year-old Quincy-based MLR franchise deserves.

“New England only accepts championships,” Kindley said, “so I think for us to go the whole way is massive in terms of building a bigger audience and getting heard about, and people finding out there’s another pro sports team in Quincy.”

The impact of this achievement extends beyond the franchise itself, generating immense pride among Free Jacks supporters and the broader New England rugby community. The championship win serves as a catalyst for the sport’s growth in the region, inspiring aspiring athletes and fostering a deeper appreciation for rugby.

The New England Free Jacks’ maiden MLR championship victory signifies a remarkable milestone, earned through hard work, talent, and a promising future for rugby in the New England area.

Read Full Match Report at The Boston Globe


Let’s Ride for a Championship Rally with the New England Free Jacks – Saturday, July 15
Join our Major League Rugby Champs New England Free Jacks for a celebration of their historic season at 11 a.m. Saturday at Veterans Stadium City of Quincy Catch the team’s very special escort to the rally right outside the stadium at the corner of Hancock Street and Merrymount Parkway just before the ceremony. Then head up to the Irish Cultural Center in Canton, MA to cheer on NERFU Nor’Easters as they take on the Canadian Classics women’s side with 4pm and 5:30pm kickoffs.