2024 AGM and Elections Conclude

The 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NERFU member clubs was held February 3 in Keene, New Hampshire.

We congratulate the following individuals on their election and thank them for volunteering their service: Brad Dufresne (President), Nikki Plumpton (Secretary and Commissioner of Division 2 & 3 Women), Kelsey Maguire (Vice President of Senior Clubs), Chris Broere (Vice President of College Clubs), Tony Solis (Commissioner of College Men – Champions Division), Nick St. Germaine (Commissioner of Senior Men – Divisions 1 & 2), Zach Boswell (Commissioner of Senior Men – Division 3), James Canon (Commissioner of Senior Men – Division 4), Kim Maiorca (Commissioner of Senior Sevens & Commissioner of Training & Development).

The Board of Directors will consider volunteers/nominees to be appointed to the following vacant positions: Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Commissioner of Senior Women – Division 1, Commissioner of College Men – Challenge, Commissioner of College Sevens, and Commissioner of College Women. Please send nominations to the Secretary by email: nikki@nerfu.rugby.